CSER Research Application

Thank you for your interest in our programs.

The following application encompasses several programs and opportunities offered through the Center for STEM Education and Research.

The electronic version of this application must be completed at one time. Submitting the application online should take approximately 30 (thirty) minutes.

In addition to your online application, you will need to submit supplemental materials to support your academic achievements. The following materials will be required within 30 days of completing this online application:

  • Two (2) Letters of Reference from an instructor/teacher who is familiar with your academic work
  • Photograph (wallet Sized Preferable-attach to application)
  • Essay-Describing your academic history, future career goals, research interest and financial needs if necessary (1 page maximum)
  • Copy of MOST RECENT Transcript or Grade Report
  • Copy of a Resume/Personal Profile
  • Current Class Schedule

It is important that you use a valid email account when submitting your application. Once you have completed the online requirements, you will receive instructions via your email to upload the additional documents listed above.