CSU-CPS School Partnerships


CSU faculty are collaborating with several CPS grammar schools and high schools on the southside of Chicago.  Our recent collaboration with Higgins Elementary school involves developing high quality activities that emphasize the Common Core, Engineering Design and the Next Generation Science Standards.  In this partnership, our team is developing materials that support the work of Higgins and their efforts in building an urban garden at the school.  As part of CSU’s NSF Noyce Program, CSU STEM preservice teachers invite about 40 grammar school students from Ashburn School for a day of science each spring where our preservice teachers develop and implement activities with the students.  CSU is also part of the national Quarknet Program where CSU faculty and students install muon detectors at schools and work with the students to collect real data on cosmic events.  CSU is partnering with Brooks high school and Thornton high school in the Quarknet Program.

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